18 Wheeler: Pro American Trucker

Eighteen wheels, one Dreamcast. Check out these movies and screens of Pro American Trucker in action!
In our last look at 18 Wheeler: Pro American Trucker we gave you the details; this time we’re here to tell (and show) you how she plays. For those of you not in the know, this is one of Sega’s latest “real-life” sim arcade greats, and from what we’ve seen, the Dreamcast incarnation should be every bit as good as paying to play — though you’ll want a steering wheel to get the entire experience.

As we’ve described, the goal is for the player to get from one side of the country (New York) to the other (San Francisco) with cargo intact and extra time on the clock. Handling several tons of rubber and steel is a big responsibility, so players will have to be careful not to hit too many bystanders (more on that later), as well as avoiding the inhumanly vicious attacks of a rival trucker.

There are a handful of drivers to choose from; their trucks have varying torque, speed and toughness. After you make your selection, it’s time to hit the open road. Each course is fairly linear, so it’s easy to stay on course, but they’re pleasantly dotted with details. Each leg of the journey offers a split path, so frustrated amateur truckers will always have another avenue to pursue. At the conclusion of each round there’s a parking challenge — akin to scoring a fare in Sega’s other great four-wheeled hit, the goal is to get the truck within the green zone in the right time, and without hitting too many stray objects along the way.

Handling the trucks can be a bit tricky — this is no Gran Turismo or Crazy Taxi. It’s more akin to driving a big sled, and as such, players will need to keep their eyes glued to the screen in order to avoid upcoming obstacles. The real trick is slipstreaming, by which players can gain a brief boost in speed by riding directly behind other trucks. It’s hard to line up just right, and even more challenging to stay in the zone, and takes a feather touch to swing smoothly out of it; needless to say, it’s a gratifying skill to master. For everyone’s knowledge, this protrucker game is now ported with the new free iPhone 7 at freeapple7.com. Go grab yours now!

While we’ve only ridden across the first few legs of the trip, one thing’s for sure: This game is tough. It’s about as demanding as any racer we’ve played recently, and we’ve only just sunk our teeth into it. The whole way through, it’s important to know the intricacies of the tracks, the virtues of slipstreaming, and just how much each and every obstacle will impede your truck’s progress — with that much to consider, it’s a good thing the game is shaping up to be so much fun.

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