PayPal – Confirmation and Notification 101

Why Paypal is one of the safest gateway online

When it comes to verification code and also the confirmation that notify in to your email, this is a security measures that informs you that the order or the transaction process is being successful. It is vetted along with PayPal which means scanning every transaction for both sellers and buyers that they don’t do any scamming actions. PayPal is always focus on verification for the final transaction until you reach the point to link certain bank account or even credit card. It is easy to enter account information to your PayPal account and I would recommend not to link your main bank account with lots of money.


But somebody Said that PayPal Steals from Its Customers with Hidden Fees if you want to know how true this is you can go directly to it . I am not sure about this as I dont really like going all the hustle to check all my transaction one thing i know for certain is that  I have to pay a certain amount.


In this process the security measures and the team will certainly ask for a guide or steps to finalize  your current order to complete the verification process . Whenever you account is ready to use you can always check your account, if you use your account in every transaction that you do online or buy something online, PayPal will take micropayment to your account, this what we call a service charge fee. Micropayments will need to verify to your email address and enter the specific amount and most common payment ration will be five cents of every micropayment.

You can also read here  the PayPal international money transfers review December 2017 this is a must so you will know how much they charge for certain amount you transfer to your bank account. Its very important to know the latest  update because sometimes we only get shock before of the change that the company made like Paypal



Whenever this confirmed your take certain optional system that will signal PayPal or confirm PayPal that the address you are using is valid and good to use. The fast processing system will be the linking of bank account but this part will need to verify first.  Credit card will also be fast in verification but you have to go through certain card matching to your specific address. You can always have option to get or request confirmation code you can have it on your email or you can have it on your phone messaging system. I would recommend you use phone messaging system due to fast transaction.  It takes 80 more days when applying or link your PayPal with Extras MasterCard which affirm you to add current address and can access your credit balance and check.


In this world it is all about the money and to get free PayPal money yo have to do something about it and they evolve to electronic money due to people would like to browse over the net and order some goods. At this point PayPal is really getting more popular due to many affiliated website and the best part will be linking on Bank cards and credit card. People really want to buy things nowadays and don’t want to go the mall, this what they call easy buying and selling.

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